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Shared Services Center
Assesment Project

The Client: Manufacturing Company with headquarters in Sofia and a factory, located in the North-East part of Bulgaria

Size: 300 + employees

The case: The Client engaged the Factory to identify, source and introduce the Head of Marketing role

The Project:

When the Client contacted the Factory, the company has already initiated an extensive change management process due to a decision to re-design its strategic functions.

A lot of quality work has been done to introduce new leaders for the key internal functions. The Head of Marketing has not been identified yet and the company required professional assistance from us.

The project was very interesting and challenging one as it was part of a whole transformational process for the Company – turning into a truly international business with goals to expand throughout Europe, Russia and the Americas.

The Head of Marketing was a key role to drive this business expansion. The profile was extremely difficult and interesting.

Our Approach or What We Did?

1st Phase:

Two of the Senior Factory’s consultants were engaged with the execution of the project.
The Client had already met with few professionals with relevant experience and background but felt that none is the “right one”.
The Factory decided that in this project the best solution is to design and implement an executive search strategy so as to attract and recruit “the perfect match” for the Head of Marketing role. The action plan was designed and agreed with the HR Director and Commercial Director.
The project started on August, 1st – the month when everyone was on vacation ☺  and no one wanted to talk about work.

2nd Phase:

The initial target list included more than 30 professionals.
The consultants had more than 25 F2F meetings with senior marketing professionals from different industries and with different skillset. Their expertise and personal characteristics were assessed in the context of the Client’s requirements and vision for the role.
The Factory presented to the Client 8 applicants who were interviewed by the Commercial Director and the HR Director. Two of them met with the Owner and CEO of the Company as a final step in the process.

The Result: The Client identified, offered and employed one of the Factory’s candidates that fit to all of the criteria and ideas for the role!!!
The Commercial Director, the HR Director and the Owner and CEO of the company were so impressed by the other applicant who met, that they offered her another role within the Executive Management team. Overall - we had 200% completion rate!

The Client: EU Logistics company, Sofia

Size: 60+ employees

The case: The company recently established an outsourced logistics service center in Sofia and experienced difficulties attracting new employees with specific professional and language skills. The Company did not had an employee with a dedicated recruitment role and relied on job boards for the advertisement of their open positions.

The Project: The project involved sourcing, attracting, assessing, selecting and presenting to the client suitable candidates for their current openings. The PSF team did tremendous work in the area of employer branding and employer image as well. We advertised the company during dedicated professional events and helped our Client to better position on the dynamic labor market.

Our Approach or What We Did?

1st Phase:

We collaborated with the Country Manager in order to define the requirements for the open positions. We prepared a market availability analysis for those profiles and targeted companies where such professionals could be found.

2nd Phase:

We designed attractive sourcing campaign, catchy job postings for the local job board sites and professional social medias. In addition, we performed internal database searches to speedily close few critical vacancies.

After conducting competency-based interviews with the candidates that we’ve managed to attract, we presented a shortlist with pre-selected applicants to the client.

The Result: Three vacancies and 3 successful placements within one month.

The Client: Shared Services Center in the tel-co sector, Sofia

Size: currently 350 employees

The case: PSF team supported the tel-co company in the development of is finance shared services center in Sofia (overall recruitment for various finance, procurement, sales administration & IT roles). PSF team was involved in search and selection of some of the Department Heads, direct reports to the CEO.

The Project: The Client has already started the recruitment process for its finance shared services center in Sofia (the center was opened in October 2014).
Later in the beginning of 2016, PSF was chosen for one of the vendors that had to perform recruitment services to the company, based on the specific expertise and professional background that the Factory’s consultants have in this area.
The Factory had to understand the recruitment needs of the Client and perform an end-to-end recruitment service.

Our Approach or What We Did?

1st Phase:
We worked closely with the HR Business Partner and the HR department to identify and clarify the recruitment needs of the Client. When needed, our consultants met with the project managers, the managers and the team leaders engaged with the transition of the roles within the finance shared services center to build a better, in-depth knowledge about the profiles and the structure of the teams and various processes.

2nd Phase:

Every week the Company provided to the company between 5 and 10 new candidates who had experience, background and personal characteristics relevant to the criteria of the Client.
All of the candidates were sourced, attracted, interviewed, assessed and presented to the Client by The Factory’s recruitment consultants.

The Result:
50 + realized successful placements within the finance shared services center of the Client.
Almost 100 % of the employees placed under that project are still working for the Client!!!

The Client: FMCG Company, South part of Bulgaria

Size: 350 employees

The case: The Management of the Client has invited the PSF team to design, develop and assist the implementation of а Mentor Program for its Senior management and High potential employees

The Project:
The Company has already started to develop the performance management process as well as on-boarding and buddy program for its sales structures. The Mentor program need to address several strategic goals:
Be a developmental tool for HiPos;
Acknowledge and recognize the value of the Senior managers who might not have a bunch of vertical promotion opportunities;
Provide a channel for knowledge transfer
Build internal community of experts – “THINK tank”
Improve the performance levels

Our Approach or What We Did?

1st Phase:

We worked closely with the HR Director to identify and clarify the needs of the Program.
In four-weeks time we were able to design and present the first draft of the Program to the Board.
The Program assessment mechanism was fine-tuned as per the capacity and the specific goals of the organization.
We designed tailor-made tools for “Matching Mentor and mentee”; identification of the preferred styles, Evaluation forms, etc.

2nd Phase:
We designed and delivered two workshops for the Mentors and the mentees;
Presented to the participants various tools and practiced with the team the time management techniques; constructive feedback; effective listening; coaching techniques;
The learning was highly experiential one – four days full of real-life scenarios.
We did the Strengths Finder 2.0 questionnaire and the team had identified the top strengths of each member.
Every participant received an individual “Participant Guidebook” with collection of tips and hints on the application of the different techniques.

The Result: The Client engaged us to design a Leadership Academy for their managerial team!!!

The Client: Manufacturing Company, South-Western part of Bulgaria

Size: 350 employees

The case: The Management of the Factory has been identifying various issues with the motivation of the workers; rising levels of absenteeism; difficulties to recruit new workers and backfill vacancies. All issues reflected in constantly rising cost of production and cost of labour and inability to respond to clients’ orders on time.

The Project: Assessment of the organizational climate and working environment; Communication audit and Analysis of the motivation of the workers and analysis of the reasons to present sick leave notes. Identification of priority actions for the Management for the first six months and development of action plan Design and implementation of sourcing strategy with elements of employer branding campaign to promote the image of the employer in the region.

Our Approach or What We Did?

1st Phase: 4 consultants worked on-site to conduct interviews with representatives from all functions and levels. The information was analyzed and presented to the Senior management and the Owners. An action plan was designed and agreed with the Management. Communication strategy was prepared and implemented in the factory to engage the workers and promote the actions.

2nd Phase: 3 consultants worked on preparing a sourcing strategy and employer branding campaign in the region. 150 interviews were conducted by our team which resulted in 40 hires

The Result: improved working environment; improved engagement and motivation of the workers Improved production levels; reduction in the levels of absenteeism; improved internal environment; reduced cost of labour with 15-18% for the first six months.

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